Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a B.A. in Psychology has given him the perfect inroads to map out the psyche of a character as he unravels the parts he plays from the words on a page. The ability to be all men to all people is what sets Aaron Ramos apart. Always switching lanes to discover the rich tapestry of life his dedication, professionalism and passion for the art is in hot demand by directors across the nation.

Nominated in the Las Vegas Black Film Festival as part of the Best Cast Ensemble for the 2018 film Breaking Brokenness, his past roles range from detectives, gangsters, a lone wolf bank robber, to a young dad, a love interest and immoral CEO of a tobacco company. His credits include ‘Cuerpo’ directed by Mark Zunga, ‘Dime’ directed by Hunter Hudson, ‘Long Lonesome Go’ directed by Elijahwaun Butler and the critically acclaimed TV Series ‘Murder Made Me Famous’ on Reelz.

Standing at 5’ 8” and weighing in at a lean 175lbs, Aaron has spent a lifetime in physical activity and has the physique to match. Years spent on the sporting fields has given him the agile body to compliment his intuitive acting skills.


Aaron Ramos has packed a lot into his six-year career in acting, appearing in many feature films, short films, TV shows, theatre productions and advertisements. Born and raised in Mercedes Texas as close to the Rio Grande as it gets, his Hispanic heritage runs strong through his veins and yet he has been able to navigate his own path in an industry which can often pigeonhole its talent.

When it comes to learning the art, Aaron has been formally trained at The Actor’s School by Tony Spears and at the Book From Tape Acting Studios by Jordan Woods-Robinson plus many others, which have added to his already substantial natural abilities.